Leader 101 Facilitator Programme

Note:  Leader 101 is for people who have completed the Stepping Stones Programme

Leader 101 is both similar to Stepping Stones and also quite different. Similar – in that we continue to practice and deepen the discipline of listening to the Holy Spirit, but Different – in that we make a deeper commitment to the larger story of what God is doing throughout the world.

In short, Leader 101 supports Leaders, who seek to multiply Cell Churches and Home Groups. There are three primary benefits for those involved in Leader 101…

  1. Learning /practicing: Leadership Skills.  Your Leader Team will focus on one of the key habits or skills of mature leaders each month. Studying one topic/skill/module per month – will empower and equip you to lead a cell church as God directs.
  2. Supporting/Encouraging: Leader Team.  In Leader 101, you will be part of a small group of leaders, called a Leader Team, just like yourself who mutually learn from and care for each other.
  3. Praying/Multiplying Cell Churches. Through praying Luke 10:2b and going as God leads, you will join others in the growth of Christ’s Body, worldwide.

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