What People Say

  • “Stepping Stones has been an absolute blessing in my life and the companionship in the group has been amazing.  I felt very comfortable and found it easy to share, knowing others were praying for me and supporting me. I also had the courage to share my thoughts during the checking in times and was also able to pray for the needs of others.  It was good to spend quiet time waiting for the prompting of the Holy Spirit and to listen to what God was saying to me.  It has been a very valuable experience for me – Thank you Nigel”

  • "Stepping stones strengthened my conviction of returning to the bible's PRINCIPLES. I was reminded church is not a building, neither is it one minister with an audience, but rather we are all called to contribute and be led by the Holy Spirit. I had a fresh revelation that man-made programmes will never substitute God's plan of spreading the gospel and making disciples. They witnessed God's power and God added to their number daily..."

  • “When we meet together one will bring a psalm and another a hymn . . . .” (1Cor. 14:26)  To me this meant interaction by the whole body - with the Holy Spirit at the centre leading us.  However I did not see this in our Sunday church meetings but since I started the Stepping Stones programme, I have watched all fall into place - God wants His people to interact together in worship and build each other up.   We have had some wonderful meetings in our home with the Holy Spirit having His way and speaking to us.  We are still learning how the early church worked, but I am excited about God's plan for our future as we open our home to Him.”

  • “Hi Nigel, Having grown up in a traditional church, i.e. people at the front doing everything while the rest of us sort of remained on the side-lines. It was a great experience to 'do church' in a completely informal way at home with just a small group relaxing and everyone having opportunity to participate and minister to each other. Thank you for bringing us back to how it should always have been.”