The History...
Throughout the first three centuries Christians met in homes and not large church buildings. Paul often referred to the church in such and such a person’s house and offered guidelines for all present with regard to participation during these gatherings (1Corinthians14:26–31). However a major shift occurred when in 313AD the Emperor Constantine declared religious tolerance for Christianity, which later transitioned to be the dominant religion of the Roman Empire. Pagan temples were closed down and many were used to practice the New State Religion of Christianity. With the creation of “professional” church leaders the people were made redundant, thus creating the division of Clergy and Laity. The ministry of the Holy Spirit was diminished as formal religion was elevated and took His place.

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Stepping Stones is a programme designed to keep church simple, by focusing on developing and deepening your spiritual life and your relationship with God in a small week by week step. In outlining how the early church functioned, you too can follow their example in getting together and sharing with one another as a ‘Simple Church’ gathering. The structure of the gathering consists of three simple rounds:

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